Tina Whiteford, Race Director

As you know it takes a lot of volunteers to cover an event. If you would like to volunteer, please feel free to contact Tina whiteford.

Email: tina@itrievents.net


Phone: 713-254-6870


Volunteer Opportunity:

Packet Pick Up – Checking athletes in for the race.

Transition Area & Age Marketing – As the athletes come into transition make sure they have their tats on, they have age marked, and they are alone. ONLY ATHLETES IN TRANSITION. Once transition closes no one goes in or out unless they are in the event or a USA Triathlon official.

Swim Start – We need volunteers to assist athletes in and out of the water.

Water Stations – We have several water stations along out bike and run route.  We need volunteers to hand out water and different products to the athletes.  The station will be completely set up and ready to go and we will pick up everything at the end; but please make sure everything is cleaned up around it. (cups and trash)

Course Assistance – Help guide the athletes on the course.

Fans – We can never have enough spectators; please come out and join us and cheer on our athletes.