Dusk to Dawn General Rules

Event Rules:


1) The Half Marathon course cut off time is 3:30 (3 hours and 30 minutes).
The 5k cut off time is 1:00 (one hour). Anyone not done by this time will be asked to moved to the sidewalks and there will be not course support.


2) All runner must wear their bib while on the course. Runners will be

permitted to wear headphones.


3) Water stations will be every 1 1/2 starting at mile 2. Each station will

have water and Gatorade; the first table will be water followed by the

Gatorade table. Mile 7 will have Gu for your pleasure.


4) The official route map will be available soon and will show hydration

stations, aid stations located at mile 4, 8, and 12, and Port-a-cans

located every 1 1/2 starting mile 2.


5) The Dusk to Dawn Half Marathon is offering the iTri Events Charity

Challenge; all details can be on the iTri EVents Charity Challenge Page.


6) Pace groups will be available for your convenience; if you start in a

pace you are not required to stay in the group. If you are interested in

being a pacer, please email Tina Whiteford at tina@itrievents.net and the

pace time you are interested in.


  • 1:30 Finish – 6:52 Mile Pace
  • 1:45 Finish – 8:00 Mile Pace
  • 2:00 Finish – 9:09 Mile Pace
  • 2:15 Finish – 10:18 Mile Pace
  • 2:30 Finish – 11:27 Mile Pace
  • 2:45 Finish – 12:35 Mile Pace
  • 3:00 Finish – 13:44 Mile Pace
  • 3:15 Finish – 14:53 Mile Pace