General Athlete Info

Welcome to our triathlon! This information is general information for our super sprint, sprint, and Olympic distance; each individual race will be a little different.  You will receive specific event information at packet pick up. Thank you for choosing our event and have a great day.


 5:30 am  Transition opens and bike maintenance will be availability as well.
 6:30 am  Transition closes for start.
 7:00 am  First wave starts for swim. (Depending on event and sunrise time)
 9:30 am’ish  Post-race refreshments and awards.


You will receive TriTat’s in your bag at packet pick up.  Instructions on how to apply them are located on the back of the tattoos. Your age will be marked the day of the event.


You received your numbers including your tats and your timing chip at Packet Pick Up.  Instructions are located on our website explaining how to apply them.  Replacements will not be available the morning of the event, so DO NOT MISPLACE ANY OF THESE NUMBERS OR CHIP.


There will be bathrooms located near the transition area and around the finish.


Only competitors are allowed in the transition area. No Exceptions! Please make sure all your race equipment is in your area only.  Once transition closes it will not re-open until the last biker is in.


The first wave begins at 7am; stay to the left of the buoys.  Water support (canoes, small craft, etc) are in the water for your safety. You use them to rest, but not further yourself.


Swim Waves


You must walk your bike in and out of the transition area to the mount and dismount lines.  You must have your helmet on with the chin strap fastened before leaving the transition area.  Follow cones and directional signs and absolutely no drafting. Major intersections will be monitored by local and county officers; please follow their direction.  Do not remove your helmet until your bike is racked safely in the transition area. Please make sure your water bottles are filled; there are no water stations on the route.


Please follow directional signs and cones for the run course.  There are water stations along the route; for longer courses additional water stations will be located on the route.


All members of the relay team will recieve their own chip and the numbers will be added together for your times.  Cyclist need to wait at the bike until the swimmer taps them.  Do not un-rack your bike until you have the chip safely on. Once the cyclist has returned you must first rack your bike before the runner can start.  Once the cyclist has returned, you must then leave the transition area.


If you need assistance during this event, volunteers are here to help.

Things that are a MUST:

  • Bike bar end caps
  • Bike helmet during the ride
  • Athlete number, bike number, and helmet number

Things that are nice to have:

  • Sunscreen, Sunglasses
  • Bike Gloves, Socks, Watch
  • Spare Tube, CO2 Cartridges, Tools