iTri Championship

  • Only athletes that finish as the Overall Winner, Masters Winner, or in the Top 12 of their respective Age Group qualify to receive iTri¬†Championship Points based on individual race leg rankings for their respective gender and age group.
  • iTri Championship Points have two components for each race:
    • Race Leg Points – points awarded based on athlete’s ranking in respective gender/age group for each leg of race (swim, bike, run).
    • Placement Bonus – points awarded to athlete based on Overall, Masters, and Top 12 Age Group ranking.
  • Athletes will receive Race Leg Points as follows, the athlete that places first in a race leg for their respective gender/age group will receive 100 points with the following athletes placing down will receive 100 minus their rank for that race leg.
  • Athlete that rank in the Top 12 of their respective Age Group, but has ranked in 13th place or lower for one or more race legs will receive 85 points for that race leg.
  • The Male/Female Open Winner will receive a Placement Bonus of 50 points in addition to Race Leg Points.
  • The Male/Female Masters Winner will receive a Placement Bonus of 45 points in addition to Race Leg Points.
  • Each athlete who places in the Top 12 in each Age Group will receive a Placement Bonus in addition to Race Leg Points as follows:
    • 1st Place 40 additional points
    • 2nd Place 35 additional points
    • 3rd Place 30 additional points
    • 4th Place 25 additional points
    • 5th Place 20 additional points
    • 6th Place 15 additional points
    • 7th Place 10 additional points
    • 8th Place 5 additional points
    • 9th Place 4 additional points
    • 10th Place 3 additional points
    • 11th Place 2 additional points
    • 12th Place 1 additional points
  • If a race has more than one distance, each athlete will receive iTri Championship Points based on the ranking for that distance the athlete completed.
  • Eligible races that athletes can accumulate iTri Championship points are:
    • No Label Triathlon
    • Tri Color Super Sprint Triathlon
    • Springs Back Triathlon
    • Onalaska Triathlon
    • Oktoberfest Triathlon
  • Any qualified athlete’s iTri Championship Points will be accumulated for all races the athlete has completed and will be posted on the iTri Events Website.
  • At the conclusion of the last race of the iTri Championship Series, all qualified and eligible points will be accumulated and the Top 3 Male and Top 3 Female athletes with the highest total iTri Championship Series Points will be awarded.

This is an example of the points distribution by race.


Championship Results